How NFTs Apply To Fandifi Technology

Fandifi Technology - Play-Predict-Get Rewarded

Fandifi Technology Corp. (fka Fandom Sports) (FSE: TQ43 | OTC: FDMSF | CSE: FDM) recently completed Fandomart (, a NFT marketplace where fans can mint, buy, sell, trade, and store their NFTs and, most importantly, where users can exchange items with other NFT exchanges, platforms and protocols. By Lorimer Wilson, Founder and …

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Fortnite’s Puzzling Platforms

Fornite Drama You love Fortnite, You love your PS4. Sadly, if your friend has an Xbox One, you’re out of luck. And Nintendo Switch gamers aren’t too happy with Sony, either. Fortnite Players on Xbox One and PS4 can match up against opponents on PC, Mac, and iOS. But they …

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MXGP Pro Review (The Pursuit Of Realism)

MXGP Pro Exclusive Game Review

As announced by the developer, MXGP Pro prizes for realism, both in the reproduction of motorcycle and rider movements and in the attempt to make the players feel the experience of experiencing the routine of these amateur professionals in speed, height, and dust. For this, the title offers teams, riders, …

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