London Lacks Confidence In The Public Transportation System To Fill Offices Back

London Public Transportation

While things are slowly going back to normal, workers in the city center of London still lack the confidence to use the public transportation system. Their confidence in getting back to work is a bit shattered after officials keep releasing confusing messages. Things could change from one day to another and safety measures are not fully implemented yet – or at least so it seems.

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Argentine Province Of Jujuy’s Waste Management Plan Set To Create New Job Opportunities For Female Waste Collectors

The solid urban waste management plan aims to provide new job opportunities for waste collectors

Almost 300 people are currently working in the Argentine province of Jujuy’s landfill sites, half of them are women. These women overcome insecurity and the harsh working conditions to support their families’ needs. To make their lives better, the Government of Jujuy, together with the European Union and European Investment …

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