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Adrian Barette (8)

A professional journalism major at the University of London, Adrian co-started as an official news/media platform. Adrian is an experienced online publisher with a significant contribution to Economics, Finance, and Technology sector in the UK. With an immersed following fan-based, he aims to contribute to the progress of UK's business companies and individuals.

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Alberto Patterson (15)
Bitcoin Rallies in 2020 to Reach New Highs and Gathers Steam for 2021

A London School of Journalism graduate, Alberto is an expert journalist on essential topics such as business, finance, global markets, and environmental concern. As a local activist and online publisher, he aims to provide readers in-depth discussion on specific topics that are necessary and will significantly affect our way of life. He is now a full-time contributor to The Bitgrum.

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Brittany Hoffman (7)
We take a look at reasons why Facebook will struggle to ban Fake News

Brittany is a lifestyle and feature writer with a professional degree in mass communication major in broadcast journalism. A self-thought entrepreneur, she publishes business-related topics that see significant opportunities for the society. With previous experiences as a freelance writer, Brittany's articles will surely get readers engaged due to the extensive research she put to all her pieces.

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Joan Jones (8)
Bitcoin Surpasses $9,000: What Does This Mean?

Joan is a journalist and a financial advisor. A career driven woman, Joan sees the advantages and disadvantages of every development, and weights people's option whether to opt out or engaged. Her primary focus in covering news headlines is the cause and effect, validating its purpose to the public, and provide the necessary recommendation to initiate in-depth understanding. She is a full-time contributor to The Bitgrum.

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Saam Hanza (13)

Saam is our senior editor and responsible. He has recently had a career change from finance and wishes to pursue his life long dream of becoming a writer. Additionally, Saam has many years of accounting experience under his belt.