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The Bitcoin Rollercoaster

Bitcoin Update

The world of cryptocurrencies has never been short of dramatic twists and turns, and the recent events surrounding Bitcoin are a testament to this volatility. In a matter of days, Bitcoin’s price experienced a significant tumble, sending shockwaves throughout the cryptocurrency market. SpaceX’s Influence? The calm that had seemingly settled …

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GoldLine Resources Taps Into the Mineral Potential of the Nordics

Feb 28, 2023 Exploration projects are more common in developing countries than in developed ones, but there are still plenty of untapped opportunities in the latter. A great example is GoldLine Resources (TSXV: GLDL | OTCQB: TLLZF), a company taking the initiative to explore the mineral potential of the Nordics. …

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Edison Lithium: The Need For Lithium is Major

Electric car charging sign

Lithium is a silvery-white and very soft metal that belongs to the group of alkali metals in the periodic table. There are three main sources of lithium: (1) brine, (2) hard rock deposits, and (3) clay. About half of global lithium is produced from groundwater brine enriched in dissolved lithium. The …

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Stablecoins: What You Need To Know

Tether and Bitcoin Images

What are stablecoins? How many types are there? What are they used for? Can you invest in them? What is their future? This article has the answers to these 5 questions. Stablecoins: A Definition According to Alex Gailey, in an article for from which much of the information for …

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How NFTs Apply To Fandifi Technology

Fandifi Technology - Play-Predict-Get Rewarded

Fandifi Technology Corp. (fka Fandom Sports) (FSE: TQ43 | OTC: FDMSF | CSE: FDM) recently completed Fandomart (, a NFT marketplace where fans can mint, buy, sell, trade, and store their NFTs and, most importantly, where users can exchange items with other NFT exchanges, platforms and protocols. By Lorimer Wilson, Founder and …

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First Energy Metals Lithium Project in Quebec Could Fuel EV Future

First Energy Metals - Lithium Project

First Energy Metals continues to release drilling results from its Augustus Lithium Project in the Abitibi Lithium region of Quebec that validates historical lithium grades. Lithium for lithium batteries in Electric Vehicles and electrical grid storage applications is garnering the most attention in the media these days.

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