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Facebook & It’s Cryptocurrency Wallet

What if you could send money as easily and inexpensively as sending a message to your friend? This isn’t a pipedream anymore, as Facebook promises to make this possible. Facebook is dipping their toes in cryptocurrency waters to revolutionize the current financial fabric with a project known as Libra. Facebook …

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Brave Browser Fork Changes Name After Legal Threats

Bold - Brave- Browser war

A legal threat has forced Braver – the ad-free extension of the Brave Browser – to change the brand name, causing confusion among users. Initially, it was known as Braver. It was a browser derived from the popular Brave browser, which was available as open source. It was an adware …

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Is ChainLink the Next Crypto Revolution?

ChainLink is a decentralized data oracle network connecting smart contracts to credible, real-world data. To put it simply, ChainLink is a trustworthy middleware between blockchain smart contracts and external data sources. A decentralized oracle network employs multiple data inputs. This eliminates any single point of failure in smart contracts and …

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Wirecard Collapsed While Leaving $4 Billion Debt

Wirecard office

On June 25, Wirecard collapsed leaving a debt of $4 billion from creditors after revealing a widening gap in their financial statements which their auditor EY said to be the aftermath of complex global fraud. The payments firm filed for insolvency at the Munich court explaining that their $1.5 billion …

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Stock Market: Why It has become expensive?

As the market closed last Friday (June 19, 2020), the S&P 500 was going up to 41% from the March 23 lows. According to FactSet, the rally in stock process combined with the reduction in earnings forecasts have pushed the S&P’s forward 12 months P/E ratio to 21.9. The widely …

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Hyperinflation Results in Mass Protests in Lebanon

One of the heaviest words that you may possibly hear in your life is HYPERINFLATION. This word refers to a very simple breath that bears with an overwhelming amount of historical and trauma and significance. The fall of the first-ever American currency distributed by the Continental Congress as well the …

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