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First Energy Metals Lithium Project in Quebec Could Fuel EV Future

First Energy Metals - Lithium Project

First Energy Metals continues to release drilling results from its Augustus Lithium Project in the Abitibi Lithium region of Quebec that validates historical lithium grades. Lithium for lithium batteries in Electric Vehicles and electrical grid storage applications is garnering the most attention in the media these days.

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Is Bitcoin on a $100K Sprint?

Bitcoin 100K Sprint

Bitcoin (BTC) is on a bull run after it regained the $50,000 mark on October 6, 2021. As of writing this, Bitcoin is trading above $60,000, according to CoinMarketCap. If this trend continues, BTC is expected to hit $100,000 in the next few months.

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London Lacks Confidence In The Public Transportation System To Fill Offices Back

London Public Transportation

While things are slowly going back to normal, workers in the city center of London still lack the confidence to use the public transportation system. Their confidence in getting back to work is a bit shattered after officials keep releasing confusing messages. Things could change from one day to another and safety measures are not fully implemented yet – or at least so it seems.

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Regulation – The New Frontline of Social Media


Social media is at the most volatile point in its history. Nations and organizations are increasingly enforcing their own rules onto their social media users, whilst the platforms themselves are remaining tight-lipped about how they plan to deal with an increasingly regulated online sphere.

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Healthcare Robotics in a Post-Covid-19 World

Although the last decade has seen robotics starting to infiltrate, the Covid-19 pandemic looks set to accelerate adoption. As doctors and nurses are under tremendous pressure to deliver care under hazardous conditions, robotics is offering a safer way to augment and replace human tasks.

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