De Blob Remastered Game Review
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De Blob Remastered (Well, It’s Perfect For The Switch)

In 2008, De Blob for the Nintendo Wii was met with praise for its vibrant 3D graphics. Now, the game was remastered for the Nintendo Switch, with even better graphics and more gameplay modes.

The plot centers around Chroma City’s takeover by the INKT Corporation which seeks to ban color and turn the city a drab gray. Your job, as “de blob,” is to stage a revolution against INKT by repainting the town with vibrant hues.

While this sounds simple, tasks range from battling enemies and bosses to mixing colors and strategizing how to paint an entire building in a limited amount of time, makes the game complex in so many ways.

I found that most of the gameplay, albeit not particularly tricky, required enough forethought that it remained engaging. I personally enjoyed multiplayer the most.

Although it was reminiscent of the Splatoon franchise, eight play modes were available, including races, tag, and free-paint mode, great for fans of sandbox games.

The single-player mode did not disappoint either. My first run through lasted about twelve hours but could have easily been shorter. Painting the city one building at a time seemed tedious at first, but the artistic aspect of painting buildings and the increasing difficulty of defeating bosses kept me on my toes.

When I did finish the game, I was able to go back through Chroma City and see my paintings. I almost felt a sense of artistic accomplishment, something unexpected but welcome in such a cute game.

I had no problem picking up most of the controls, but moving the camera was a bit cumbersome, especially given the visually intensive aspects of the gameplay.

This wasn’t an issue after an hour or so of playing, but it was a bit off-putting at first. That said, De Blob is a beautiful and captivating game that I would highly recommend to all.

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