The solid urban waste management plan aims to provide new job opportunities for waste collectors
The European Union, together with EIB, funded the solid waste urban management plan set to create new job opportunities for female waste collectors in Jujuy, Argentina.

Argentine Province Of Jujuy’s Waste Management Plan Set To Create New Job Opportunities For Female Waste Collectors

Almost 300 people are currently working in the Argentine province of Jujuy’s landfill sites, half of them are women. These women overcome insecurity and the harsh working conditions to support their families’ needs. To make their lives better, the Government of Jujuy, together with the European Union and European Investment Bank, has implemented the solid urban waste management plan (GIRSU).

The plan will develop new integrated and dependable urban waste management services in the province of Jujuy. The people of the region will be able to access new infrastructure developed that aims to create new economic and social opportunities for the people, especially women.

The initiative aims to provide the province with a biogas plant, collection, and environmental centers, and the necessary equipment that will improve the waste collection, sorting and recycling services offered by the local governments.

The initiative, which is the second to be financed by the EIB in Argentina, will help fight climate change and fund social and labor integration. The EU has also provided an EUR 11.3 million grant, confirming its commitment to the development of the interior of Argentina.

The funds will be used to support plans of training waste collectors, particularly the social integration of female waste collectors via new job opportunities. The Government of Jujuy said that the project would possibly offer 650 jobs, with half of those created in the environmental centers going to the female waste collectors.

“The route we are taking with the European Investment Bank and the European Union is very important for our province. The waste management project is part of Jujuy Verde – a focus for our government – and also includes concrete steps towards a province dedicated to promoting environmental preservation, sustainable development, social equality, intergenerational equality, gender mainstreaming and an intercultural approach,” Jujuy Provincial Governor Gerardo Morales said in a statement.

The solid urban waste management plan will also provide new opportunities for the people by facilitating their incorporation into waste management process and lending an “intercultural approach” through environmental policy.

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