Adelaide calls out on On The Service’s ban of reusable cups
On The Run service chains has banned their customers on bringing reusable cups, which angered consumers and environmental advocates. Now, Adelaide’s city council is calling on the business to reverse its ban. Photo By: jwalsh | Flickr

Adelaide Is Calling On “On The Run Service Stations” Banning Of Reusable Coffee Cups

The Adelaide City Council had offered local coffee shops a rebate so they can encourage their consumers to bring their cups, an action to help counter the litter problem coffee shops produce. However, one of South Australia’s biggest takeaway coffee retailers has banned its customers from bringing their cups for re-use.

The ‘War on Waste’ was first introduced by Councilor, Sandy Verschoor. It aims to pay businesses $200 if they offer a discount to their consumers who bring their cup. While those who will change to compostable cups will be eligible for a $500 payment and cafes which are offering compostable cups will receive a $200 once-only payment.

The project was initiated because of the significant number coffee cups have in city litter bins. Thus, it’s identified if these cups can be recycled due to its thin plastic lining, and potential for residual liquids to soil recycled materials. As a result, these cups end up in waste, the City Councillor said.

Even though the City Council offered a rebate, On The Run service station, has banned serving coffee in reusable cups and mugs. The business states that the policy was introduced for safety reasons and intended to protect their customers against cross-contamination.

But the rule has angered consumers and environmental advocates, including the Conservation Council of South Australia. The state’s environment body is now calling on service station On The Run to reverse its ban.

“This is a bizarre decision that punishes On the Run’s customers for trying to do the right thing by the planet,” said Craig Wilkins, Chief Executive of Conservation SA.

Wilkins informs that one million coffee cups end in landfill every minute, creating a vast amount of waste that doesn’t just break down, resulting in a significant pollution hazard.

Coffee lovers had chosen to do the right thing, bringing their own up in coffee shops. Coffee drinkers are following, and most baristas are pleased to oblige. Wilkins describes On The Run’s move as “bizarre,” calling the business “to do the right thing” and allow people to bring their cup.

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