A discussion and resolution to the slowly dying marine ecology
To bring back a better state for coral reefs, Bonefish Grill works together with The Conservancy in spreading awareness in regards to current conditions of the marine reserves— through cocktail drinks. Photo By: Wicker Paradise | Flickr

Bonefish Grill For Coral Reefs, A Resolution To The Slowly Dying Marine Ecology

Bonefish Grill brings out their advocacy in supporting The Conservancy in their stance to protect and rehabilitate the coral reefs. The movement to bring back the coral reef to a healthy state has been dictated from earlier on from the year, declaring 2018 as a year to preserve the coral reefs, and if ever, develop the sea floor to be thriving in an attempt to help ocean life succeed again. With their efforts, Bonefish Grill hopes to maintain The Conservancy’s project to plant one million corals by 2025.

The project focuses partially on endorsing awareness within communities, with coral-themed cocktail drinks modified for their advertisement. Bonefish Grill proudly advocates their stance regarding coral preservation, leaving statements of valuing the stock and resources that the general community gathers.

The franchise has been known to have supported the American Red Cross, further exemplifying altruistic values that promote humanistic expression and the like. This plan communes a possible dynamic between capitalistic growth amidst ecological reserve shifts.

Similar projects have been up in lending their hand for coral reefs, such as that of the International Coral Reef Initiative, taking further root in promoting the year as one for the reconstruction of coral reefs as same from the rallied proposals back in 1997 and 2008.

Furthermore, there are huge promises under the United Nations that focus on greater care regarding providing for marine life. While it is observed to be one of the more vital areas regarding natural resource and other potential foundations for general living, it has been put under speculation that marine ecology is slowly dying.

What is known as the coral reef brings a root foundation for most life that subsists on the ocean bed, while it is also essential for the shift in tides that affect nature. While it can be registered as a capitalistic movement, there is a notion in the support that the Bonefish Grill provides in lending a hand for marine life.

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