No Signal - UK and Huawei

‘No Signal’ For U.K. Mobile Customers If Huawei 5G Is Prohibited Within Next Three Years

The United Kingdom: According to Vodafone and BT, the issue of no signal on smartphones will surface if the customers get three years or less to stop using any Huawei product on the 5G network. The government is likely to declare new restrictions in next 15 days for using the kits of this Chinese firm.

The network providers’ executives have demanded from MPs a period of minimum of five years if such a ban comes into effect. Huawei has alleged to consume more time. Jeremy Thompson who is the brand’s UK Vice President said that this is not a boiling bridge.

According to Thompson, it is too early to ascertain the impact of novel US sanctions on the brand. Huawei has also refused claims of acting against the interest of its customers even if the Chinese government asks it to do so.

U.K. Government

The U.K. government had already put a limit on the brand’s 5G market share in January. However, it presumed that the proposed security risks due to the allowance to a Chinese firm to help the U.K.’s telecoms providers are likely to be manageable. On the other hand, Washington has already declared a ban on manufacturing proprietary chips due to which Huawei is sourcing them from other companies.

Even the National Cyber Security Centre has reported that it cannot guarantee the security of Huawei’s items now. As a consequence, the government will go for some kind of ban but it is still unclear by when the ban will be implemented.

A few Tory backbenchers of the Parliament are advising a time limit prior to the general election in 2024. Rumors are also there about the bn to come into effect by 2023. However, BT and Vodafone whose networks use Huawei’s equipment believe this deadline to be immensely disruptive.

Five-year Transition Required

Howard Watson who is the chief information and technology officer at BT said that to come down to 100% no use in just three years means inviting blackouts on 2G, 4G, and 5G networks across the country. He also shared, “I would say a five-year transition time would be the minimum.”

Its 3G signals will not be in trouble as the Nokia kits are used to deliver them. However, for Vodafone, all networks from 2G to 5G will be affected. According to the U.K.’s network head of Vodafone, Andrea Dona, users will lose signals even for a few days, which will depend on how big the work is.

No Signal - UK and Huawei

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