We take a look at reasons why Facebook will struggle to ban Fake News

Facebook is not having a good time. Every day we see and hear new allegations and rumours around the Facebook and its privacy problems. Everything started with privacy issues back in 2014 and company is still paying for its mistakes. The Cambridge Analytica scandal was the biggest one is Facebook’s history. Third-app developers took 83 million Facebook community users data, and Mark’s team could not do anything. A while ago, Mark appeared in the US Congress, and sometime before that he appeared in the EU parliament gathering.

Facebook published an official blog post about the political advertisement. As the allegations say, Facebook could not prevent the community from fake news. The fake political news was very hard for the American presidential elections. Till now, most of the experts believe that President Trump won the elections because of Fake news. Back in 2016, we distinctly remember tons of fake news shared on social networks. According to official data, Facebook took down half a billion accounts for sharing posts of inaccuracy. All these accounts were focused only on sharing and writing fake news on Facebook, mainly politics.

Despite Mark’s announcement, Facebook is not going to ban political adverts anytime soon. As we have mentioned above, social network published few reasons why Facebook won’t prevent social network from political adverts.

Banning political adverts would not satisfy Facebook’s community users

Facebook’s answer to not banning political adverts is “If we ban politicians from adverts, they will find other ways to influence your decision.” According to Mark Zuckerberg, it would be better to control these adverts than allow the perpetrators to find other means.

Digital advertising is a chance for newbies to shine

Newbies are the people who don’t have enough funds to create million-dollar campaigns. Facebook says that digital advertising would be the great platform for those new to the sector to get their word out to the people without being overcrowded by multinationals purely because of their bigger budgets. According to official data, print and TV-media advertising is a lot more expensive than digital advertising. Facebook allows the average man in the street to launch a campaign in a bid to attract a wider audience. If they were to limit this market, Facebook could face possibly lose a whole lot of customers.

Facebook advertisements work great for local businesses

Targeting is the key when we talk about media advertising. When there is a local business, politician or other organisation looking for exposure, Facebook and digital advertising is the perfect option. You don’t really see TV or Newspapers advertisements of your favourite politicians or organisations, but on social networks, they would have the chance to talk with your through their advert. This way of attracting users is something out of the ordinary for small family run business or those populated in a particular area, brick and mortar businesses especially.

Facebook can’t control everything

Facebook has an internal department controlling all adverts shown on the platform. As the representatives of Facebook say, they would try even harder to control the advertisement campaigns. However the fact of the matter remains, as all advertisements created are taken in good faith, this deterrent is not nearly close enough to monitor what happens on the site. Organisations all over the world are recruiting those programmers specialising in bots and other methods to deploy their fake news over the social network. According to the social media giant though, they have cleaned up their act and try to minimise the issue as much as possible.

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