Brittany Hoffman

Brittany is a lifestyle and feature writer with a professional degree in mass communication major in broadcast journalism. A self-thought entrepreneur, she publishes business-related topics that see significant opportunities for the society. With previous experiences as a freelance writer, Brittany's articles will surely get readers engaged due to the extensive research she put to all her pieces.

London Lacks Confidence In The Public Transportation System To Fill Offices Back

London Public Transportation

While things are slowly going back to normal, workers in the city center of London still lack the confidence to use the public transportation system. Their confidence in getting back to work is a bit shattered after officials keep releasing confusing messages. Things could change from one day to another and safety measures are not fully implemented yet – or at least so it seems.

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Better than iPhone X?

The iPhone X blew people away with its almost edge-to-edge display. But that notch, though, it’s kind of annoying. Here’s what the next generation of phones could look like. It’s a smartphone with a front that’s ALL SCREEN. No notch. No Bezels. Just sweet, shiny glass. And it’s not from …

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Anti-CD22 CAR-T Treatment: On The Run to Save Lives

New Treatment for Cancer

B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (B-ALL) is blood-related cancer that may affect an individual after exposure to radiation or the like. While a definite cause may not entirely be known, it is apparent that it does have severe growth within the body which may make it difficult to treat. Having a …

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