Viewers’ favourite Chef Fatima Ali dies at just 29

The favourite from last season of Bravo’s ‘Top Chef’ passed away on Friday after a yearlong battle fighting bone cancer. Ali publicised her illness at the end of 2017 when she posted an Instagram post after being diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a bone cancer that affects soft tissue around the affected areas.

Aggressive Chemotherapy treatment and surgery took place in January 2018 to remove the cancer a short while after the filming of Top Chef concluded. In October 2018 she received the dreaded news that the cancer had returned and this time, it was terminal. Doctors told her she had a year to live at this stage. Just 3 months later, she passed away; January 2019.

Family and friends of the American-Pakistani Chef share their condolences through social media and other outlets delivering heartfelt message to her loved ones. Bruce Kalman, a top chef contestant and close friend of the cook delivered news on Instagram about the great times they spend together and particularly the episode where they discussed football stadium, Taylor Swift and plans for the future.

An Instagram post by Fatima Ali asked those around her for ‘prayers, prayers that are simple’. She describes herself as ‘sick and unfortunately I’m getting sicker’. She asked for forgiveness from whomever she may have hurt in the post, sort of addressing a higher power. Elle DeGeneres also expressed he gratitude at having the star on the programme and having the opportunity to interview her on the talk show.

Heart breaking have been posted all over the internet over the past 12 hours expressing their shock at the news that hit so close to home to someone so young. People travelled far and wide to see this Top Chef compete, they enjoyed her company and her great taste in culture.

She tweeted a photo with her close friend, Padma Lakshmi, having lost her hair to the cancer with a smile on her face at the hospital – positive as always.


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