Drake Scorpion Album Hits No. 1 on Apple Music
Drake drops new album "Scorpion." A taste of artistic flare with purpose and guts. Photo By: musicisentropy | Flickr

Drake’s New Album Scorpion Hits No. 1 In 92 Countries On Apple Music

He has a son, the struggles, the inspiration – these are some of the revelations Drake shared through his new music, Scorpion. Garnering over 10 million streams per today upon release on Spotify, Apple Music confirms Scorpion as No. 1 album in 92 countries via Twitter today.

Bloated, rambling – yet frequently gorgeous and funny,” says The Guardian, Scorpion is Drake’s first full-fledged album since 2016’s Views. Describe as a way to transcend the ups and downs of fame and fortune; Scorpion tackles Drake’s quest to polish his image once again.

From Pusha T dissing Drake on a track called “Infrared,” evidently bruising his ego, accusing the rapper of using a ghostwriter, to rumors of fathering a son of an adult film actress, Sophie Brussaux – Drake needs Scorpion to clear the waters.

Since its release yesterday, Scorpion gained over 10 million streams on Spotify and earning positive reviews from music critiques worldwide. The half rap, half R&B record was streamed by enthusiasts at an incredibly high rate, proving the Hotline Bling singer still a streaming giant.

Earlier today, Apple Music (undeniably one of the track’s biggest promoter) confirms Scorpion as the number 1 album in 92 countries. In a tweet, the music streaming provider captioned the posts as “Numbers never lie,” referencing to the successful launch of the album.

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