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A professional journalism major at the University of London, Adrian co-started as an official news/media platform. Adrian is an experienced online publisher with a significant contribution to Economics, Finance, and Technology sector in the UK. With an immersed following fan-based, he aims to contribute to the progress of UK's business companies and individuals.

ASMR based Fornite tingles gameplayers

ASMR FOrnite Gameplay - Bitgrum News

Everyone’s is obsessed for Fortnite. Over 90 million people play it every month, according to reports. But now the craze is taking on a weird new dimension: YouTubers are starting to post Fortnite ASMR videos, which have been racking up thousands of views. ASMR stand for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. …

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Asian Hybrid Rice: Rising By The Revenue

Hybrid Rice poses significant revenue possibilities over the coming years

Hybrid rice profits for the Asian community sees a definite lilt in further productions with a positive foreseen revenue within the five years and pending value by 2026.  While there are also significant fall-backs that are expected from the foreseen circumstances, starting with the limited and somewhat diminutive workforce, along …

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