Over 450 patients died at Gosport War Memorial Hospital

Deaths In Gosport Hospital Caused By Malpractice Of Opiate Administration

There have been over 450 deaths in Gosport War Memorial Hospital between 1998 to 2000s, and it is believed that inappropriate administration of opiates/painkillers caused the death of patients admitted in the hospital.

  • Nurses criticized the exercise of medication in the hospital
  • Dr. Jane Barton found guilty over malpractice, but no prosecution was made.
  • The Prime Minister of UK deems the situation as unsettling and apologizes to the public.

Over 450 patients died at Gosport War Memorial Hospital in the UK due to the administration of dangerous levels of painkillers. The hospital presumed that the patients admitted were close to death.

Nurses criticized the exercise of medication in the hospital, but they were ignored. Amidst the number of deaths recorded in the hospital between 1989 and 2000, only one medical professional was found guilty, Dr. Jane Barton.

Dr. Barton worked for 12 years in Gosport Hospital and had signed 854 death certificates. She prescribed opiates to almost all her patients, and she believed that her efforts were right and were for the best.

Although she was found guilty of serious professional misconduct, her right to practice medicine was not revoked, but she was given limitations which includes banning the practice of injecting opiates.

In a 2018 report, it was stated that the authorities made a previous investigation for the deaths of 92 patients during 1998 to 2006. However, no prosecutions were made as the data was deemed as weak for the lack of taking into account the systematic problems of the institution itself. Thus, families who were affected were in distraught and questioned the health system.

On June 27, 2018, Dr. Barton, now 70 years old and retired, together with her husband, Tim Barton issued a brief statement. He declared that the lack of facilities was the reason behind the deaths and his wife was only a hard-working doctor.

Other reports claimed that the records of deaths in the hospital might be related to “another Shipman.” This claim pertains to Dr. Harold Shipman, who had murdered over 215 mainly elderly patients by injecting them with lethal doses of diamorphine in 1998.

The Prime Minister of UK deems the situation as unsettling and apologizes to the public. Furthermore, they are trying their best to determine whether or not criminal activities did take place.

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