Sleepgram alleviates pain experienced in sleeping
Sleeping on the wrong pillow is one of the common mistakes we make, resulting to spine misalignment which is the cause of body pain. Sleepgram allows us to be more comfortable in the most significant time for the body. Photo By: Andrew Roberts | Flickr

Get A Good Night Sleep With The New Sleepgram Pillow That Alleviates Pain While Sleeping

Sleep plays a critical role in an individual’s health and wellbeing. Getting enough and good rest can help protect your mental and physical health, quality of life, and safety.

However, sleeping on the wrong pillow is one of the common mistakes we do that leads to sleep deprivation, body aches, and problems. This is why Sleepgram, “the pillow solution for life,” was designed and is now available in the market.

After finding a problem with the current pillow industry, Logan Newell, together with his former colleague Leo Haury, decided to do something about it. Since then, they began working on the perfect customizable, 3-in-1 luxury pillow that is a “crucial tool in helping to relieve pains and find a solution” until it became available on the market in 2016.

The hours one spends sleeping are the most significant time for the body to rest and recover while working to support healthy brain function and maintain one’s physical health. In spite of that, there are times that we may feel different body pains even when sleeping, resulting in restless nights.

One would usually think that the problem is with the mattress or bed, wasting money on getting better ones due to false advertisements. Logan Newell, co-founder of Sleepgram, experienced the same problem until he found out that the mattress wasn’t the problem.

The pillows we sleep on plays a vital role in our sleeping hours. When the spine is misaligned, it causes pain that disrupts sleep and in turn overall wellbeing. The proper spine alignment allows the body’s muscles to relax and repair while sleeping, but not everyone has the same sleeping style.

Each has different sleeping styles, Dr. Steven Schwartz, renowned chiropractor, explained how Sleepgram alleviates pain for different sleepers.

Dr. Schwartz says that the most suitable people for stomach sleepers, which tend to experience neck pains, is a softer, and more forgiving pillow. While people who sleep on their sides can often experience shoulder pain that can be eased with a medium firm pillow. Placing a firm pillow under the knees helps people who sleep on their back to have proper spine alignment.

Newell describes Sleepgram as “the most comfortable pillow in the market,” designed to easily adjusted to be soft, medium, or firm so if one’s preferences or sleeping habits change, the pillow can change with you allowing a comfortable sleep.

Sleepgram pillow costs $65.00 and is available at

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