Medical marijuana-induced treats that may bring a benefit to the overall health of beloved pets.
Phyto Animal Health with their subsidiary Medical Marijuana, Inc. puts an addition for their menu meant for cats and dogs. Photo By: Jurassic Blueberries | Flickr

New Dish on CBD Pet Food: HempBone Bacon Apple Donuts

HempBone Bacon Apple Donuts have been made for cats and dogs. This product was created as an addition to a growing menu of medical marijuana-induced treats that may bring a benefit to the overall health of beloved pets. 

With a mix of 4mg of CBD oil, along with natural ingredients of bacon, apple, cinnamon, and flaxseed, it becomes a delectable treat that the pets would surely enjoy.

Cannabidiol oil is known to give health benefits ranging from helping alleviate stress, anger, or overall nerves affecting the animal. The oil can also be good for the heart and general functions around the body, along with keeping away from significant illnesses and possible seizures.

Being both potables in use for human and animal consumption, it brings further inspection to more applications and possibilities that may come into effect with the production and sale of the product.

Products that stem with the use of CBD oil does not have to bring a worrisome state of mind as it comes away from the psychoactive ingredients that are typically derived from the marijuana plant. Having minimal exposure to the substance enhances better aspects of the plant, making it more open to uses that can be of help later on.

Marijuana as a plant has been one plagued by the controversy of everything that can come with its use. Going past the limitations that may surround it may present a potent cure for a lot of diseases or complications, even in regular use.

Under regulations, though, it becomes hard to engage in many productions with it. Still classified in a stationary position regarding further research and other actions to be taken in regards of using medical marijuana in a lot of scales.

Further studies remain possible in investigating additional uses. The possible action performed with the plant may encourage greater exploration of the world of medicine as advised by several corporations.

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