Avila’s CEO Leonard Van Betuw Talks About the Company’s Integrated Energy Business

Apr 26, 2023

The energy markets are currently undergoing significant transformation in light of the green shift, and businesses and households must be prepared for the changes. To combat rising energy prices, one option is to use a supplier that provides an integrated energy solution, and has full control over all aspects of energy provision, in order to reduce costs. Avila Energy (CNSX: VIK | FRA: 6HQ0) is doing just that, with its goal of becoming the best-in-class integrated energy supplier by 2027.

The company has recently launched its direct-to-consumer (DTC) energy business, which promises more stability in energy prices, and a reduced exposure to fluctuations in the North American and commodity markets. What’s more, Availa’s combined energy solution gives customers the ability to use energy for heating, cooling, and other purposes, while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint. To learn more about Availa, be sure to check out the interview with its CEO Leonard Van Betuw on Global One Media.

Full story: https://youtu.be/CA1BNKMsS8A

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