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How a New Congress Act Can Help with Crypto Adoption 

The United States Internal Revenue Service has implemented an effective taxation mechanism on all crypto assets. In essence, every time a person makes a purchase or an exchange using a digital currency, they are exposed to major taxations compared to people who use normal fiat currencies.   Many analysts have argued that this brutal tax regime has been one of the …

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Bill to Exempt Small Crypto Transactions from Taxes Returns to US Congress 

Bill to Exempt Small Crypto Transactions from Taxes Returns to US Congress  A new bill that exempts small crypto transactions from the capital gains tax is expected to return to Congress for additional deliberations. The bill has been in the works for years and has been pushed through by a Washington-based non-profit dubbed the Coin Center.   Titled the Virtual Currency Tax Fairness Act of 2020, the bill …

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Thank you and our change of journalism direction

I reviewed Bitgrum’s website stats before I started typing this and owe a HUGE thanks to our readers over the past year or so for your support, it’s greatly appreciated. We have provided news content on an ad-hoc basis and struggled to find our feet. We are now back with …

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