Thank you and our change of journalism direction

I reviewed Bitgrum’s website stats before I started typing this and owe a HUGE thanks to our readers over the past year or so for your support, it’s greatly appreciated. We have provided news content on an ad-hoc basis and struggled to find our feet. We are now back with a new team, innovative plans and fresh new ideas.

We have taken the plunge, going forward we will be regarded as an outlet for news targeted towards investing, primarily cryptocurrency. You can expect a wide array content to follow the next couple of months. Some of which includes the following:

  • Investment advice, strategies and analysis. This will include mainly crypto assets but will also extend to company stocks and shares, commodities and funds. Readers can expect money saving tips, self-help, and overall productivity improvement techniques too.
  • Cryptocurrency news and our opinions. Anybody can read about what’s happening in the crypto world with a simple Google search or a trip on twitter but our opinions are shared by many – but mentioned by few. We don’t shy from the hard truth or controversial topics.
  • Technical Analysis. Charting techniques and strategies will be shared openly with our readers for both Bitcoin and any other altcoin we feel is worth reporting.
  • Signal Channel reviews. We realise the market is currently flooded with a lot of noisy signal channels. Some of which are utter rubbish. Others provide insightful analysis and timely signals on a regular basis. We have signed up to various channels and hope to review them so you can tell the wood from the trees so to speak. The last thing we want is your hard earned money to trickle through your fingers with a return.

Despite our plans for the future and how we envisage this brand to progress, nothing is possible without your help. I welcome your continued support and hope we meet your expectations. Again, a big thanks from the Bitgrum team.

About Joan Jones

Joan is a journalist and a financial advisor. A career driven woman, Joan sees the advantages and disadvantages of every development, and weights people's option whether to opt out or engaged. Her primary focus in covering news headlines is the cause and effect, validating its purpose to the public, and provide the necessary recommendation to initiate in-depth understanding. She is a full-time contributor to The Bitgrum.

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