Forget spending $1,000 on an iPhone 11 Pro: I’d invest the money instead.

Pre orders for the new recently released iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max have begun. The new smartphone range from Apple boats better battery life, high resolution screen and better quality photos – thanks to an either double or triple camera lens. I’m a huge Apple fan myself and always have been. I can’t imagine my life without an iPhone and Apple products have become an integral part of my life, despite what the android fans have to say.  Prices starts an eye popping £729 or $699. The most popular of the newly released models will be the iPhone 11 Pro starting at a whopping £1,049 or $999.

Assuming you’re lucky enough to be able to afford a smartphone of this magnitude, will you really notice the difference? I highly doubt your most envied ‘friend’ will notice that you Instagram post was taken with an iPhone 11 Pro rather than you’re usual iPhone X ,8 or even 7. Nor do I imagine you’ll get noticed more in the street or gain an immense following through social media because of it.

However, that extra £1,000 invested elsewhere can most definitely provide you with a growth investment that can benefit you in many years to come. On 20 May 2016 Bitcoin was priced at £307.71. A £1,099 investment back then would now be worth £29,281. If you had invested that amount on 20 June 2018, the investment would have more than doubled in value. Investing in January of this year could mean your investment has increased by over 200%.

In comparison with stock markets from around the world these kinds of return are nothing to sniff at. Bitcoin rivals the most established businesses in terms of growth value an opportunity. Bitcoin has been relatively stable and I have no reason to believe this will do anything but increase in the comping months and years. Coupled with the blockchain technology and the benefits of decentralisation, I’d rate cryptocurrency as a current buy – and better return than a purchase of a new smartphone which will only plummet in value.

Ask yourself – would you really notice the difference between your current phone and your new one? – Probably not. It’s never too late to invest in your future and the opportunity of a lifetime is currently within grasp of all our readers, so seize this chance whilst you can, you will thank me later.

About Joan Jones

Joan is a journalist and a financial advisor. A career driven woman, Joan sees the advantages and disadvantages of every development, and weights people's option whether to opt out or engaged. Her primary focus in covering news headlines is the cause and effect, validating its purpose to the public, and provide the necessary recommendation to initiate in-depth understanding. She is a full-time contributor to The Bitgrum.

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