Meal planning is beneficial because it reduces the stress of thinking of what to eat.

Creating Meal Plans For Each Day Reduces Stress, Says Research

One of the problems each person encounters is thinking of what food to cook either for themselves or their family members. Last-minute planning often causes stress and panic, therefore leading someone to settle for ready-made food which is usually unhealthy and unfulfilling.

Food and beverage researchers, The Hartman Group, says that 53 percent of people plans their food to eat within an hour. On the other hand, 24 percent of meals are made from scratch.

Planning meals reduce stress because everything in the kitchen is ready. The ingredients are already prepared, reducing the need to run around; therefore, it saves time.

Thinking ahead also leads to efficient grocery shopping. By having a specific list of ingredients at hand, one will not have to worry about overspending and shortage.

Planning meals do not need to be outrageous. In fact, one should think of balance. It includes thinking about portions of protein, fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates.

Creating meal plans to reduce stress also entails cooking ahead. Making a large batch of food in one day and then saving the rest for reheating the next day is usually the recommended step for meal planners.

A study conducted by Dr. Pablo Monsivais, Dr. Anju Aggrawal, and Dr. Adam Drenowski showed that limited cooking time leads to a less healthy diet and which would eventually make a person settle for fast food. They concluded that managing cooking time at home enables one to have healthier dietary habits.

However, some could not create meal plans by themselves because they are always on the go. Because of this 22 Days Nutrition, in partnership with celebrity couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z, created a delivery service called the Meal Planner.

The platform caters to someone’s food preference by providing information such as household size, cooking habits, dietary needs, and allergies. The application shall create a personalized menu based on the data. After choosing the desired recipe, there is an option to use the planner as a basis to shop for ingredients or to opt for delivery.

Online coaches are also available in the app for support regarding healthier diets. They shall also guide users in sticking to their diet plans.

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