WhatsApp’s monetisation plans

As we know Facebook purchased Whatsapp for a whopping $19bn back in 2014. The social media giant has now decided to monetise its acquisition by including advertisements in its chat messages. WhatsApp has increasingly been used as a platform for which marketers are using to advertise thier products and services. …

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Probationary Status Of Uber In The UK

TFL renews Uber license to operate

Uber gained its 15-month probationary license in London after the appeal in court had been finalized. Public transportation is necessary for our daily lives. However, with the growing population, there are instances where it may not be readily available in such times as the rush hours where trains, buses, and …

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Asian Hybrid Rice: Rising By The Revenue

Hybrid Rice poses significant revenue possibilities over the coming years

Hybrid rice profits for the Asian community sees a definite lilt in further productions with a positive foreseen revenue within the five years and pending value by 2026.  While there are also significant fall-backs that are expected from the foreseen circumstances, starting with the limited and somewhat diminutive workforce, along …

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