A COVID-19 Antibody Test That Has 99.8% Accuracy and Results in 35 Minutes Was Made By UK Scientists

Good news, an antibody test for coronavirus or COVID-19 has been developed by UK scientists. According to the scientists, with this test, results will be released with an accuracy of 99.8 percentage.

Edinburgh researchers at blood-screening company Quotients have created a kit to find out if persons are invulnerable to the coronavirus by perceiving antibodies to the virus.

Every serological machine is capable of performing 3,000 tests every day. However, it is worth mentioning there are doubts the NHS may possibly miss out on the test because of the interest in Europe.

As of now there already 12 available machines. But they are expecting more by the end of the year. As a matter of fact, it already has talked with interested parties across the world.

But, with the test made by UK scientists in Edinburgh, the company is calling for both the Scottish as well as the United Kingdom governments to start talking so that the NHS may be able to take advantage of it. By the way, the headquarters of the company is currently situated in Switzerland.

While the government of the British said that its laboratory is capable to conduct a test for COVID-19 immunity, it is presently utilized to conduct survey tests of existing samples of blood, and the capability isn’t known.

In addition to that, it is very tempting to find out home testing kits, instead of requiring analysis in labs. But these have proved not reliable up to now.

Nevertheless, the main goal of the antibody test is to establish whether a certain individual has developed antibodies to the coronavirus, typically after being infested by the virus and is therefore resistant from being infested yet again.

Quotient, on Friday, obtained regulatory approval for the MosaiQ serological screening machines that have 99.8% specificity and 100% sensitivity. This is means, there is a lower possibility of false-positive as well as misread.

According to Chief Executive Frenz Walt, the managing director of the laboratory who found out he first ever diagnostic test for SARS way back 2003, they are very proud and honored to come up with such an accurate and at the same time fast test. He also said that it is a remarkable performance by their teams not only in Edinburgh but in Switzerland as well.

Walt, on the other hand, wants to ensure that they will help as many individuals as possible most importantly, as fast as possible.

The chief operating officer at the Edinburgh office, Ed Farrell said that they are extremely proud of their work. He also revealed they have got an incredibly rich history and they hope they will be able to make an enormous difference especially now that the whole world has a very challenging time.

The Scottish Government is closely working with the United Kingdom Government to make sure that everybody can access the new antibody test whet it becomes widely available.  It is very important that new tests are reliable. Also, time is needed in order to take a demanding evaluation to make sure the tests are accurate.

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