On July 2018, Mark Richard G. Acklom, an English conman who is on Britain's National Crime Agency's (NCA) list of 10 most-wanted fugitives, has been caught in Switzerland after six years of hiding
Mark Acklom, one of the most wanted fugitive has finally been caught and will face criminal proceedings in British court once the extradition process has been finalized. Photo By: DAVID HOLT | Flickr

UK Conman In NCA’s Most Wanted – Finally Arrested

On July 2018, Mark Richard G. Acklom, an English conman who is on Britain’s National Crime Agency’s (NCA) list of 10 most-wanted fugitives, has been caught in Switzerland after six years of hiding. Acklom was arrested by the Swiss police together with NCA and Avon and Somerset Police in his lavish abode in Zurich with his wife and two children.

Acklom’s records state he started committing crimes in 1991 where he stole his father’s American Express card and posed as a stockbroker to commit fraud. His parents learned of his feats and reported it to the police which resulted in his imprisonment for four years. His parents had to sell their house in Bromley to pay off their son’s debt.

It was believed that Acklom’s action was influenced by a television series titled, Crime Watch specifically the episode, Crime Limited. Since then, he had experienced being jailed three times in Spain.

In 2012, he pretended to be Mark Conway, a wealthy Swiss Banker, an MI6 agent and despite being married, he started a romantic relationship with Carolyn woods and decided that they should get married. He asked Ms. Woods for an amount of £850,000 for renovation work at some properties in Bath and disappeared without repaying her. Ms. Woods is pleased to hear of Acklom’s arrest.

Acklom is currently in custody until the extradition process is complete and will face criminal proceedings in British Court.

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