Dragon Ball Super named official villain for the coming anime movie

[Breaking] Dragon Ball Super Movie Confirms Super Villain

Now that we’re on the second-half of the year, and we’re anticipating the coming of the Dragon Ball Super anime movie, questions regarding its plot, villains, and more circled the DBS community for the past months. Today, the official DBS site confirmed the movie’s official supervillain, and it is no other than, Broly.

Yes, you might have guessed it long before the news dropped. During the past months, when Dragon Ball Super first dropped hints about the coming movie, Broly is one of the top contenders for the movie’s villain post. However, when DBS published clues regarding the interest in covering the Saiyan’s Origins, Yamoshi was considered as the probable antagonist of the film.

The news sprung a massive amount of attention over Reddit. The leaked material includes the movie poster which titles Dragon Ball Super ‘Broly,’ along with some merch. Though in Twitter today, the official DBS handle tweeted the news, with a lengthy caption.

@Herms98 provided a translation of the key visual released stating, “Dragon Ball Super: Broly.” And the tagline? “The greatest enemy, a Saiyan – How will these three Saiyans with different destinies meet?”

@EmperorBigD, a famous DBS leaker and enthusiast, commenting “It’s not fake,” referring to latest leaked material. Check the tweet below.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly will be released on December 14, 2018, in Japan. Advance tickets will go on sale on July 20. Early buyers will get a Goku or Vegeta keychain that changes hair color depending on the temperature, as translated by @Herms98.

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