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STDs Stigma Dying Down Due To Its Prevalence

As humankind evolves, so do various viruses, bacteria, and other microscopic beings that become catalysts for diseases. Furthermore, the diseases pose threats to the human race which affect millions of lives and cost economies billions of dollars. 

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) cover one of the most significant sectors of dominant illnesses in the world. STDs spread through intimate physical interaction.

People contract STDs and STIs through sexual activity, such as oral, vaginal, and anal sex. Since sex is inevitable to humankind, the transmitting of STDs has become more pervasive.

STDs are prevalent. In fact, researchers revealed that more than 450 million new cases of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and 20 million STD cases surface every year.

The commonness of STDs and STIs helps stop the stigma that is strongly intertwined with it. Judgment and preconceived notions about sex, such as promiscuity, are the biggest reasons why the stigma towards STDs and STIs still prevail.

Being educated that it only takes one partner or one encounter to contract an STD or STI is essential. Also, some infections and diseases are not even contracted from sexual contact.

A mere caress or sharing of food can be ways of contracting such illnesses. Proper education and open-mindedness are vital tools that are being used to the stigma surrounding STDs and STIs.

Eradicating stigma towards STDs and STIs requires all of us to be taught to understand prejudice. Prejudices are preconceived judgments or notions towards a particular individual or group.

Discrimination is a negative attitude and has a strong influence on people’s behaviors, especially the way they interact with others that belong in different races, religions, ages, sexes, nationalities, and socioeconomic standings.

Prejudice is a mental mistake. It is a result of humankind’s tendency to quickly categorize information from everyone’s surroundings to avoid being overwhelmed with the vast knowledge in the world.

Prejudice is a mental mistake, but it is the logical, rational, and methodical way of sorting the enormous array of information that people see on earth.

Another way of eradicating stigma towards STDs and STIs is inclusivity. Technology can be used to connect the gap of inclusivity and exclusivity of people that are affected by sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

Various dating sites for people with STDs and STIs are common nowadays. It helps to dispel the notion that people who have diseases and infections are disgusting, incapable of finding love, do not deserve respect, and are to be shunned by society.

The Meet People With Herpes (MPWH) app is one of the alternative dating sites for people who are affected with herpes. The website is an example of promoting inclusivity and prevents prejudice among infected persons.

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