Great White Sharks in the UK?
A great white shark was seen off the coast of a UK holiday hotspot is Majorca. Photo By: Neil Turner | Flickr

Great White Possibly Lurking In UK Waters

Every year, around 70 shark attacks are reported worldwide – and only a fraction of these are fatal. There are more than 40 different species of sharks living and passing through Britain’s waters. Although, shark attacks are extremely rare, the amount of unprovoked shark attacks in the United Kingdom (UK) since 1900 is 38 with 0 fatal attacks. It indicates that UK has the second highest number of attacks in Europe.

Although, home to some shark species, British waters does not inhibit sharks that portray unprovoked attack on humans such as the great white, tiger and bull. It is unlikely, for these sharks to appear as they prefer warm waters.

On May 14, 2018, it was presumed that there had been a great white shark lurking in UK waters which brought fear to the local residents. The assumption came about when two bodies of dolphins which were in a gruesome state were washed ashore in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

Moreover, in 2010 to 2011 there have been several cases of deaths of seals and porpoises with allegedly bite marks from sharks, in their flesh which were found along the coast. Fishermen also asserted that they saw a great white shark but unfortunately, these incidents were left unconfirmed.

On June 28, 2018, Scientists were able to spot a giant great white shark which was 16.5ft long prowling off the coast of Majorca. Majorca is a tourist spot and is extremely popular to tourists from Germany and UK. It is located in the Mediterranean Sea where studies state that it is one of the places where the great white can be found.

Even though, the Mediterranean Sea is far from UK itself, Gibraltar, a British overseas territory is located within the coastline of it. Moreover, the Mediterranean Sea is connected to the Atlantic Ocean and as long as our oceans are connected, the sharks will move about freely anywhere. Therefore, it is possible that the unconfirmed shark sightings in the UK were those of a great white.

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