Vaccines for Prevention from Measles Outbreak

The Measles Outbreak In Bristol, UK

On June 30, 2018, recent reports state that measles has become an epidemic in Briston, United Kingdom. People have been hospitalized which lead to the issuance of a public health warning in the area. The health body claimed that the disease, measles could be severe and life-threatening.

There have been 52 confirmed cases and 24 cases since the beginning of the year. It is presumed that the reason why the disease is widespread is: despite being infected people are continuing their daily routines while other experts state that the outbreaks happened because the young were failed to be given MMR vaccines.

Measles is a contagious viral disease which results in pneumonia. Moreover, it can damage the immune system as it destroys T-Lymphocytes, specialized white blood cells which fight off viruses we have already experienced, so that the body won’t contract the same disease again

The Head of Immunizations at Public Health England, explains that the measles virus can spread to someone when an infected person coughs or sneezes. The symptoms of Measles usually begin with cold-like symptoms, red eyes, a high temperature, and greyish-white spots in the mouth and throat. After the fever goes down, a red-brown rash appears throughout the body.

There is no treatment for the virus because the body’s immune system will be fighting it off. Thus, you should wait until the virus’ cycle is over. Nevertheless, MMR vaccination is provided to prevent the disease from happening.

Therefore, a consultant in health protection at PHE South West asserts and suggests that those suspected with measles should stay home and contact their doctors or general practitioners for advice. Furthermore, one-year-old children must be given the MMR vaccine.

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