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Data-Driven Medicine Expands At Peak Of Biosoftware Potential

Genetics, Alamut, SOFiA Genetics, Medicine, Artificial Intelligence, Data-driven Medicine

The dawn of an innovative form of medicine bounding on Artificial Intelligence and Data-Driven perspectives comes to form, with SOFiA Genetics’ acquisition of the Alamut, a software concentrated on clinical genomic data interpretation. The basis and intention are to remediate the diagnoses done for the hospitals that have been affiliated …

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Anti-CD22 CAR-T Treatment: On The Run to Save Lives

New Treatment for Cancer

B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (B-ALL) is blood-related cancer that may affect an individual after exposure to radiation or the like. While a definite cause may not entirely be known, it is apparent that it does have severe growth within the body which may make it difficult to treat. Having a …

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Asian Hybrid Rice: Rising By The Revenue

Hybrid Rice poses significant revenue possibilities over the coming years

Hybrid rice profits for the Asian community sees a definite lilt in further productions with a positive foreseen revenue within the five years and pending value by 2026.  While there are also significant fall-backs that are expected from the foreseen circumstances, starting with the limited and somewhat diminutive workforce, along …

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