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[Breaking] Dragon Ball Super Movie Confirms Super Villain

Dragon Ball Super named official villain for the coming anime movie

Now that we’re on the second-half of the year, and we’re anticipating the coming of the Dragon Ball Super anime movie, questions regarding its plot, villains, and more circled the DBS community for the past months. Today, the official DBS site confirmed the movie’s official supervillain, and it is no …

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UK Heatwave Affects Cats And Dogs

UK Heatwave on Cats and Dogs

United Kingdom’s Heatwave soars as high as 32 degrees Celsius on June 29, 2018. The scorching week has not only been affecting its water and food consumption but also the animals within the UK area. Cat Charities have suggested to pet owners to keep their pets indoors as their pet …

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Probationary Status Of Uber In The UK

TFL renews Uber license to operate

Uber gained its 15-month probationary license in London after the appeal in court had been finalized. Public transportation is necessary for our daily lives. However, with the growing population, there are instances where it may not be readily available in such times as the rush hours where trains, buses, and …

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