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Fortnite’s Puzzling Platforms

Fornite Drama You love Fortnite, You love your PS4. Sadly, if your friend has an Xbox One, you’re out of luck. And Nintendo Switch gamers aren’t too happy with Sony, either. Fortnite Players on Xbox One and PS4 can match up against opponents on PC, Mac, and iOS. But they …

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Facebook Data Breach Drama


Yes, another personality quiz is under fire. It’s called myPersonality and it may have exposed the data of 3 million Facebook users. Data myPersonality was shared with researchers from more than 150 institutions, according to New Scientist. They needed a username and password to access it. But they could also …

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Better than iPhone X?

The iPhone X blew people away with its almost edge-to-edge display. But that notch, though, it’s kind of annoying. Here’s what the next generation of phones could look like. It’s a smartphone with a front that’s ALL SCREEN. No notch. No Bezels. Just sweet, shiny glass. And it’s not from …

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ASMR based Fornite tingles gameplayers

ASMR FOrnite Gameplay - Bitgrum News

Everyone’s is obsessed for Fortnite. Over 90 million people play it every month, according to reports. But now the craze is taking on a weird new dimension: YouTubers are starting to post Fortnite ASMR videos, which have been racking up thousands of views. ASMR stand for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. …

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STDs Stigma Dying Down Due To Its Prevalence

STDs are prevalent and the commonness of STDs and STIs helps stop the stigma that is strongly intertwined with it.

As humankind evolves, so do various viruses, bacteria, and other microscopic beings that become catalysts for diseases. Furthermore, the diseases pose threats to the human race which affect millions of lives and cost economies billions of dollars.  Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) cover one of the most significant sectors of dominant …

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