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Jack’d: Millions of private photos leaked online despite users’ warning year ago

Private intimate photos/videos have been leaked online as a result of a security flaw on the dating app. Hough had informed Jack’d on Twitter last February that the media on their platform is being ’outed’ to the public. He went on to explain how these leaked photos of gentlemen could literally get them killed. Recently, Terence Huynh, another tweeter commented in response stating that a year later the bug has still not been fixed. He tells his followers that there are countries in which being gay can result in death.

Today, the app appears to have fixed the issue and s security update was implemented. Other news sites have released articles warning users about the dangers. Google Play app reports over 5 million user have downloaded the app.

Jack’d has a ‘Private’ section on its app which should only allow the users to upload photos that chosen people can see. But Oliver Hough discovered private photos were being uploaded to their normal web server. This meant anyone registered to the site could access them and they were then shared online. As of this morning, public photos were still easily viewable by the public even if no Jack’d account was owned.

Mark Girolamo told Arts Technica that a fix will be deployed today and it appears they have done so. Jack’d has yet to provide a statement addressing the flaw despite being told multiple times over the past year about the lack of security.

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