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Fortnite’s Puzzling Platforms

Fornite Drama

You love Fortnite, You love your PS4. Sadly, if your friend has an Xbox One, you’re out of luck. And Nintendo Switch gamers aren’t too happy with Sony, either. Fortnite Players on Xbox One and PS4 can match up against opponents on PC, Mac, and iOS. But they can’t play each other. What’s going on here?


Someone tweeted at Xbox head Phil Spencer that they wanted cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One. He responded, “Me2.” Then Fortnite’s Twitter account replied “We 3!” Hmmm, looks like Sony is the only holdout.

Nintendo Problems

So, it looks like Sony is the reason PS4 Fortnite players can’t battle their Xbox One friends. Even worse Nintendo Switch gamers are complaining they can’t play with Fortnite accounts used even once on a PS4. Not cool.

Sony responds

Facing anger over the Nintendo Problem Sony’s Shawn Layden told Eurogamer the company was looking “a solution which will be understood and accepted by our gaming community, while at the same time supporting our business.” Well, that’s very vague!

In case you’re wondering Sony had sold more than 73 million PS4 consoles. Only 30 million Xbox Ones have been sold, according to an EA executive. Nintendo has sold nearly 18 million switch units. More customers – more players for games like Fortnite.

Microsoft would really benefit from letting Fortnite player access Sony’s massive user base. Sony wouldn’t as much. Instead, Sony might think it’s more profitable to wall its products off and hope that entices people to buy PS4’s.

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