Facebook Data Breach Drama


Yes, another personality quiz is under fire. It’s called myPersonality and it may have exposed the data of 3 million Facebook users. Data myPersonality was shared with researchers from more than 150 institutions, according to New Scientist. They needed a username and password to access it. But they could also do this…

A simple google search, Yep, you could just search online and find a username and password in GitHub, that brilliant hack worked for four years! The database included personality quiz results and data from Facebook like age, gender, and even status updates. The people who controlled the data worked and the University of Cambridge’s Psychometrics Centre – the same place Aleksandr Kogan developed ‘This is your Digital Life’. Data from that app was used by Cambridge Analytica to help Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Facebook announced that it had suspended around 200 apps while it investigates whether they misused data. One of those apps was myPersonality, according to New Scientiest. Maybe stay away from personality quizzes for a while.


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