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ASMR based Fornite tingles gameplayers

Everyone’s is obsessed for Fortnite. Over 90 million people play it every month, according to reports. But now the craze is taking on a weird new dimension: YouTubers are starting to post Fortnite ASMR videos, which have been racking up thousands of views.

ASMR stand for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It’s a sensation that run through a person’s neck or spine, and it’s activated by various triggers. The sounds of someone whispering softly into a microphone is just one example of a triggers that can give you the tingles.

Many Fortnite ASMR videos are of YouTubers whispering their commentary into a microphone while playing the game. Any background noise from the game is lowered, of course. That’s because loud noises – like gunshots – can totally ruin the moment.

YouTuber Matty Tingles creates ASMR videos, and he’s done quite on Fortnite. In one video, you can hear him whispering his way through a series of pre-recorded clips of him playing the game. And it’s is oh so relaxing.

YouTuber ASMR Gaming News also created a slew of Fortnite ASMR videos. This one already has more than 400,000 views. It’s clear that ASMR and Fortnite fans are thrilled about the mashup: onc eommenter even saud ‘Two of the best things together. Omg this is like heaven”

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